In air-cooled mechanical air conditioners, the temperature of the air is
desired to enter the system as low as possible since the high temperature
inlet air causes negative situations for the system. When high-temperature
inlet air is sent directly onto the system elements, it reduces the heat
transferred. Since it forces the system elements to more difficult working
conditions, it creates an increase in electricity consumption.

Evaporative pre-cooling by means of Greenchill branded adiabatic cooling
units to be applied to the condensers of the systems in air-cooled groups;
by cooling the inlet air to the condensers, the compressor's cooling capacity
is increased and energy expenditures are saved. In mechanical cooling
systems, Greenchill units are also used to reduce the audible heat load
of the intake air and to improve performance in larger capacity systems.


  • In all of the Greenchill units, high evaporation efficiency, locally produced "Greenpad" honeycomb heat exchangers are used
  • It is the cheapest system solution, it costs as much as the water
    requirement of the honeycombs and the energy consumption
    of the pump (0.37-1.5kW).
  • According to the benefit it provides and the initial investment cost,
    the depreciation period is quite short.
  • The inclusion of Greenchill units in chillers does not take the chiller
    out of warranty, the condenser does not get wet and does not
    retain limescale.
  • When coolant honeycombs are used and maintained as recommended,
    they do not require honeycomb replacement.
  • With its "Climate Chamber" feature, the Greenchill unit homogeneously introduces low-temperature air resulting from pre-cooling into the
    condenser line.
  • It does not require high working pressures, it works with mains pressure.

How does it works?

In the working principle, the dry thermometer temperature of the air flowing through the condenser fins is brought closer to the wet thermometer
temperature by means of a high-efficiency Greenpad branded cooling honeycomb whose surface is kept wet. The non-evaporating water on
the coolant honeycomb is collected in a reservoir and pumped back into the system by means of a pump, thanks to which the water in the system is recirculated.

Cooling occurs by adiabatic saturation of the water thanks to the air
flow created by the condenser fans. With this process, adiabatic cooling (evaporative cooling) is provided. This process does not cause any negative situation related to corrosion in fins.