Alindair is the leader of its sector, Middle East and evaporative cooling with the power it gets from you.

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Evaporative Cooling

Water has a high heat transfer coefficient,
it has a high tendency to evaporate and absorbs
heat from its surroundings during evaporation.
When water comes into contact with air,
it cools the air by taking heat from the air and
the amount of water vapor in the air increases.
Evaporative cooling logic also ensures
that the air is cooled by contacting the air with as much water as possible.


Our modernized evaporative coolers leave their mark on a sustainable future due to their low electricity consumption, zero carbon emission
and the ability to change state without polluting the water they use while cooling.

We implement our sustainable production philosophy and contribute to our livable future with Alindair, which is economical with low electricity
consumption and ecological with zero carbon emission.

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