Evaporative cooling is a system that provides clean air and ideal humidity to the environment by undergoing the state change of evaporating water to take heat from the air. All evaporative coolers humidify and clean the ambient air in the area they use without drying it out. With this feature, it offers the most appropriate solution against epidemic diseases. Mobile coolers can be easily transported to any area you want thanks to their wheels and have easy installation since there is no outdoor unit. In this way, they offer functionality and performance together. In addition to conventional air conditioners, Kabel Evaporative Coolers, which cool more space with less electricity, will be your most economical assistant in multiple sectors from printing houses to automotive, from food to textile workshops and especially in indoor working areas. Let your world change with Kabel Mobile Coolers!

As the temperature of the environment increases, it increases the cooling capacity at the same rate and provides refreshment; Meet the Kabel Fan Family consisting of Exhaust Fan, Circulation Fan and Farm Fan!

  • In all semi-open and indoor areas where ventilation is a problem,
  • Ventilation and cooling of cattle barns and ovine coops,
  • In maintaining greenhouses at the proper temperature and air balance,
  • In ventilation solutions in industrial buildings, factories, paint shops, workshops and similar places,
KABEL Fan is with you.

Domestically produced Greenpad, which has high suction power in industrial and evaporative coolers, is produced in a durable structure consisting of 100% cellulose; It passes the polluted air coming from outside through its honeycombs, brings it together with water and presents it to us as fresh air. Greenpad evaporative cooling cores; works with the principle of adiabatic temperature change, which is a simple and economical method that provides humidification of large volumes of air with the lowest level of energy consumption, and increases the performance of the product in which it is used. The water distribution system fills the water by evenly distributing it into the panel into its special honeycomb structure. At this point, the air passing through the honeycomb transfers some of its heat to the water, causing the water to evaporate. It is kept wet continuously by the water circulation provided by the cooler during operation and thus dust problems in indoor areas are eliminated. Greenpad evaporative cooling technique; offers a simple and economical cooling solution that provides the advantage of minimum energy costs thanks to the adiabatic process and in farms, greenhouses, cooling towers,

industrial and every area where evaporative coolers are used.

Thermal stress; is a disorder that causes a decrease in milk yield, fertility and the immune system in both milking and dry cows. The effect of ambient temperature and humidity on the exposure of dairy cattle to thermal stress is great.

Coolstein; is a cooling system designed with the calculations required to eliminate thermal stress in cattle. Cooled and moistened air is sent over the animals.Some of the heat is discharged by transport. The optimal air flow is calculated for the health of the animal. The remaining heat is discharged by the automatic water spray system.

The Coolstein Cooling System, the most economical and definitive solution to reduce thermal stress in stables with cattle such as dairy cattle, is with you.